MuseScore 2.0.3

Compose music with the help of your computer

MuseScore lets you compose music on your PC. View full description


  • Easy to use: just drag and drop notes
  • Built-in player
  • Support for MIDI instruments


  • No advanced options


MuseScore lets you compose music on your PC.

Do you still compose music with pen and paper? If so, then you should know you can also do it with the help of your computer. MuseScore lets you do this in a very easy way, either from scratch or using any of the score templates included in the program. It features dozens of musical elements, such as notes, clefs, keys, and time. Just by dragging and dropping them on the interface, you can effortlessly add them to your composition.

Whenever you want to hear your composition, simply use MuseScore's built-in player. It has support for multiple instrument sounds to allow you to hear the full effect of your creation. Alternatively, you can simply plug in your MIDI keyboard. Don't forget that you can also look for help on the website forums, or download the MuseScore Handbook.

MuseScore works with many different formats, including PDF and MID. Plug-ins will also extend MuseScore's functionality. It lacks the advanced options and tools from more professional applications like Finale, but it's perfectly usable and adequate for the amateur composer who just needs a free app to create music at home.

With MuseScore you can easily create your own music, listen to it and save professional-looking scores.



MuseScore 2.0.3

— User reviews — about MuseScore

  • meeps

    by meeps

    "Very happy with this software"

    I was prepared for a lengthy getting to know the programme phase and a useless handbook, as is so often the case with fr... More.

    reviewed on August 9, 2014

  • CatAang

    by CatAang

    "Good except bugs"

    This is good, but sometimes have bugs. You can write sheet music with it, and stimulate ,and share it on the Internet(ma... More.

    reviewed on June 8, 2014


    by GRWMA

    "Ran about as well as a ballpoint pen that skips badly!"

    I used 1.3 on a nine year old Celeron PC with 500mb/ram. The task of producing a 4.5 minute professional looking vocal ... More.

    reviewed on March 11, 2014

  • EADG

    by EADG

    "Issues for writing violin music using MuseScore."

    Overall, MuseScore does a rather good job, especially since it is available at no cost. It's not too hard to learn, ... More.

    reviewed on January 17, 2012

  • xerostomus

    by xerostomus

    "really amased"

    I download it just to quickly write a few notes, and I am really amased. I think I delete clumsy Encore and I will trans... More.

    reviewed on August 24, 2011

  • pjgreen

    by pjgreen

    "Mscore 0.9.5"

    In Ubuntu, I used version 0.9.4 a while, but often Musescore crashed, of course without saving. I think version 0.9.5 is... More.

    reviewed on December 9, 2009